Selling a Property

When selling a property, one of the first things a seller thinks about is the price.

We want you to get a lucrative price on your property for sale but we also want the entire process to be easy, straightforward, and hassle-free. So WWPC goes the extra mile. We take additional steps to ensure you are heard, valued and receiving a premium bespoke service. We want you to consistently choose us for all of your property market needs so we deliver on our premium bespoke service. We make sure your needs are met, and that you benefit from us bringing our expertise to every one of your property sales.

We look at it like this, the first sale we help you with is only the beginning of a longstanding, reliable, and trustworthy relationship.

To get you started, we created a handy Selling a Property Checklist below. Have a look through and let us know if you have any questions, contact us..

Selling Checklist

  1. Book a property valuation.

    Before you sell your property, you need a property valuation completed. This provides you with an honest and accurate assessment of your property, giving you insightful information regarding how much to list your property at.

    WWPC offers free valuations and appraisals with confidence. Our experience, market wisdom, and industry comprehension gives you reassurance that the price we recommend is the best price for you.

    WWPC charges 0.6% on sales in the UK.

  2. Provide solicitor services.

    Having the right legal support on your side helps you sell, exchange, and close your sale in a timely manner.

    A solicitor also checks that there are no surprises along the way. He/she also confirms that you have not overlooked anything required or needed from you and the buyer.

    If you need legal support, let us know. We are happy to provide you with a qualified, efficient, and skilful solicitor that specialises in the property industry.

  3. Create and implement marketing and advertising strategies.

    WWPC creates an overall marketing and advertising strategy for your property for sale.

    We use property portals to get your property in front of your target market, such as Zoopla, Prime Location, Onthemarket, Rightmove and many more.

    But before we dive into creating a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy, we arrange for a professional photographer to visit your property to take photos. We then upload your images to the appropriate mediums and reach your target audience.

    We also manage your marketing and advertising campaign and review it regularly to see if anything needs to be tweaked, changed and/or improved. Our signature proactive approach extends to our marketing and advertising services too.

  4. Schedule, host and manage viewings.

    Hosting viewings and presenting your property with an approachable, experienced, and friendly specialist enhances your chances of selling your property to the right buyer at the right price. To give you the best opportunity to sell your property, we can handle these viewings for you.

    We can also offer and host an Open Day type of arrangement; we schedule appointments with all interested and vetted buyers for one specific day that is convenient for you. This is a desirable option to many of our sellers, especially since they all lead busy lives. The viewing process can then be wrapped up in one day versus scheduling cleaning, shuffling kids around, moving work hours, and removing yourself (and maybe your pets) from the property for one hour on a specific date to only have to do so again the following day.

    Viewings can be arranged and carried out by WWPC at your discretion. We maintain a high level of communication throughout the process.

  5. Obtain offers.

    Receiving and obtaining offers is great. But that is only one aspect of selling your property. Being a skilled negotiator on your behalf is vital to selling your residential or commercial property.

    When you receive offers on your residential or commercial property for sale, you may be faced with competing buyers which is fantastic news. But what defines the sale as a success is turning those competing offers into a sale that maximises your return on investment. That is what we consider a positive result.

  6. Exchange of sale.

    The exchange is conducted by the solicitors. Contracts are signed and exchanged, and a completion date is set. Deposit funds are released along with assets.

    At the time of exchange, you can also arrange your address and mail to be changed on completion date, internet to be setup for the same date, and movers scheduled.

  7. Completion of sale.

    When a property has reached ‘completion’ that means the deal is done. Your property is now sold.

How WWPC defines a property sale as a success?

The way we define success is through various measures: your happiness, satisfaction, and return on investment. If you received the best price for your property, if the process was straightforward and without hiccups due to our involvement, and if you are left happy and impressed by our services wanting to come back to us for future business, then we consider the entire interaction as a success. Allow this to be the beginning of a longstanding and fruitful relationship.

If you need help with selling your house, flat, holiday let or commercial property then feel free to contact us today.