Selling checklist

Basic information to bare in mind when selling.

1. Basics

When you sell your property, chances are you will have multiple viewings. When conducting a viewing, make sure there is plenty of natural light and fresh air to maximise your chance of a sale.

2. Solicitors

A solicitor is required in order to sell your property. You can use a WWPC recommended solicitor, or use your own. The solicitor must apply for title deeds. All relevant legal documentation must be in order prior to selling.

3. Surveying

A survey is highly advised when selling your property to gage the price you should sell your property for. These can be conducted in house by WWPC.

4. Selling a leasehold property

Legal documentation of ground rent and conformation of the lease is required, along with copies of freehold certificates from the lease owner.

5. Receive offers

Offers on your property will be put forward to WWPC, at which point we inform you. If multiple buyers are competing we will maximise your return on investment, whilst maintaining high levels of communication with you.