Renting out a property as a landlord or investor can be an all-consuming task. It is a perpetual maze of rules, regulations, and procedures you must navigate through. Not to mention, the rental market is an ever-changing landscape. The demands and laws can, and do change overtime; thus, it is important to stay on top of your legal obligations while ensuring your tenants remain happy to rent out your properties, consistently.

The knowledge, care, and reliability of your property, communications, and interactions are what makes your commercial and residential rental properties lucrative and valuable to you and your tenant(s). But it is impossible to cover everything that may arise on your own. This holds true for a first time landlord and an experienced landlord. Both investors are in the same position. One does not know what to expect while the other is fed up with midnight maintenance calls. Hiring WWPC as your property management company resolves these rental property issues and anything else that comes up. WWPC is the solution to your rental property woes.

Why you should hire WWPC as your rental property management company?

Conduct legal safety requirements and inspections on your property rentals, residential rentals, houses for rent, and apartments for rent.

Before letting out any property, you must go through a safety regulation checklist.

You need to check and conduct an energy performance certificate (EPC), a landlord gas safety inspection, and an electrical inspection (EICR). You must also check a required number of carbon monoxide and smoke/heat detectors, and ensure they work correctly.

As your property management company, we schedule and supervise these necessary checks to ensure you are fully compliant. If anything does crop up, we arrange for essential services to be carried out in a timely manner.

Improve maintenance on rental properties.

Owning a rental property comes with significant responsibility.

If something breaks down and you are without a property management company, the tenant relies on you to fix the problem swiftly and efficiently. But that isn’t always possible when you are running a business, travelling, and spending time with loved ones.

For instance, if the heating in your rental property stops working on Christmas day and you are away visiting family, who will fix the problem for you? You cannot leave your tenants cold and without heat during such a crucial moment.

So let’s say you do a Google search. You call every tradesperson within Bournemouth until you find someone available on Christmas day. Next, you facilitate the call, reach out to the tenant and arrange a suitable time, check-in with both parties throughout the repair, and the process continues on from there.

Essentially, you are leaving the fate of your property and tenant’s comfort in the hands of an unfamiliar tradesperson that might not place the same urgency or importance on the situation.

We eliminate all of this headache, hassle, wasted time, and stress!

From the minute a maintenance call comes in we schedule, implement, and supervise one of our fully qualified, vetted, and reliable tradesperson until the problem is repaired. We also communicate with the tenant throughout the process to ensure all parties are informed and happy until the issue is resolved.

WWPC has access to a network of fully qualified, experienced, trustworthy tradesmen available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Having us on your side means we carry out repairs and inspections, produce a comprehensive tenant screening process, manage calendars (if applicable), provide free rental valuations, show potential tenants the property, administer move-outs, and answer tenant calls throughout the length of a tenancy.

All of the above is only a brief description of all the roles, tasks, and responsibilities we handle with ease for you. Find out how else you can benefit from choosing us as your rental property management company.

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