Short Let Management, management services

We are a full service, property management company designed to give landlords and homeowners the capability to capitalise on short let or holiday rental income in an effortless way.

According to Property Reporter, British tourism is the fastest growing industry in the country with predictions that by 2025, the industry will be worth £257billion.

Our experience and management in the property market and hotel industry gives us an edge over our competitors. For we have the knowledge to recognise and identify when a property is better suited, financially to be rented out as a short let or holiday let versus a long-term rental. It supplies additional income over renting the same property to a family on a set monthly income. In other words, you get more money by utilising the property as a short let or holiday let.

The main reason many landlords do not go down this route is the hassle of managing and listing it.

A landlord needs to juggle listing it on, supervise payments, conduct checkouts, screen tenants, manage and upkeep the property itself, understand the online booking system, and that is just to name a few. The responsibilities and tasks add up.

You also need to appeal to young professionals needing a short let or holiday makers. Each audience needs your full availability and expects attention to detail to be executed with ease.

Short let and holiday let are also specialised industries where the rebooking probability and profit depends on online reviews, cleanliness of the property, experiences, accurate descriptions, listing the right price, and knowing what else is available in the same area so you may price it competitively OR write the description to point out the advantages to booking your property over others. It is too much for a landlord to manage on his/her own. It is why we built a team of experts to handle short term and holiday lets for you.

As with our other property management services, we created our short let and holiday let services with you in mind. It has been developed to ensure you receive a straightforward, transparent, reliable, and profitable experience.

What does a management company do?

We work directly with to ensure you and your guests receive remarkable experiences.

We take care of listing preparations, supply dynamic pricing options, provide guest communications, offer 24 hours 7 days a week answering services, handle calendar management, supervise checkouts, and thoroughly screen guests.

We also regularly inspect your rental occupancy numbers, earnings, future bookings, booked dates, listing descriptions, reviews, and photos.

Additionally, we take inventory of your property and belongings. We check to see if anything is damaged, missing and/or needs to be replaced before the next guest arrives. We make it so your guests have seamless transitions without any problems.

What about regulations, HMOs, and other legislation?

At WWPC, we are updated on the latest national mandatory licensing schemes, regulations, and HMO requirements. We can advise you regarding if building or property needs the council to grant a licence to an HMO, if one is not already instated.

The rules are constantly changing and it can become very cumbersome. So we look into this and handle it for you. This is where our expertise, knowledge, and deep understanding of the property market comes in handy. We can advise on what you need to do to ensure your property operates within the law in a competent manner, without any issues or hiccups.

By taking these measures, we maximise your return on investment. Contact us today.