Residential Property management

Your time is precious and limited. In one day, you are trying to squeeze in time for work, family, staying fit, and travelling. It is rare to even find 1-2 hours to cruise around the beautiful, Jurassic Coast. So why are you still not prepared in the case of an emergency or if you are called out of the country? Who handles the daily tenant and property tasks? You know you are busy so now is the time to talk to us, WWPC.

At WWPC, we are an award-winning, 10+ year residential property management company that understands the ins and outs of the industry. Our experience is guided by our signature approach: plan, anticipate and execute solutions to problems that may arise with the tenant and the property. That is at the foundation of everything we do!

We eliminate worry a landlord may have regarding managing a property and tenancy, and we do so at a 6% (VAT-inclusive) rental income charge. No additional costs. No hidden fees.

What is Residential Property Management?

As your residential property managment company, we manage inspections, run credit checks for tenants, conduct check-outs, provide deposit protection, manage maintenance and contractors, collect rent, act on your behalf as a tenant liaison, and provide 24 hour emergency call outs. Additionally, we focus on the latest legislation and regulations to ensure our contractors, work, inspections, and buildings are in optimal condition.

Our team and contractors work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why choose WWPC for your Residential Property Management needs?

WWPC consists of an expert team with deep knowledge of the industry. We cover everything from consulting, managing, and advising across different types of residential properties.

We boast a strong legal backing and offer aid to all of our clients.

We have purposely designed a team of trustworthy individuals and contractors. Each person is an integral part of our ongoing success. Each person executes services with the same VIP treatment we believe and give to every client, regardless if you let a £500 per month student flat in Bournemouth or a £10,000 per week home in Sandbanks. We cater to all of you and your tenants’ needs leaving you with a simple, straightforward, and effortless landlord experience.

Who is Wayne Walker?

Wayne Walker is an experienced, caring, and knowledgeable property specialist who brings you 10+ years of working in the property industry at a competitive price.

How did it all begin?

Wayne saw a gap in the market. Many residential property management companies charged astronomical and additional, hidden fees for services. Wayne empathises with the landlord regarding this botched pricing model. He could see all the problems that may arise with managing a property and tenancy with these hidden charges present. It could add up causing a landlord to lose money on his/her investment. So Wayne got ahead of the game. He designed his company to be proactive, offer a complete package, all services under one roof at a fixed, 6% (VAT-inclusive) rental income charge.

This comprehensive practice defines WWPC. It is what separates us from the rest.

What are the benefits to choosing WWPC?

We charge 6% (VAT-inclusive) rental income to manage properties. All our rates are transparent meaning no hidden fees. No additional costs. We advise, consult, and manage a wide array of residential properties, including estates, retirement, student rentals, family homes, and room rentals to professionals. Standalone sentence To find out more, contact WWPC today!.