Mixed Use Property management

As a landlord or investor, it is extremely valuable to your time and money to have a competitively priced, experienced, and reliable mixed use commercial property management team on your side.

By doing so, you eliminate the time-consuming days filled with collecting rent, showing prospective tenants around, answering emergency maintenance phone calls at all hours of the day and night, checking building codes and certificates, managing on-site contractors, handling tenant move-outs, and more.

You also place yourself in a position to purchase, invest, and own further mixed use commercial properties in and around Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch, Dorset. You get the freedom to concentrate on your next venture. That is what hiring WWPC can do for you!

WWPC fees are 6% (VAT-inclusive) rental income charge, with no additional costs. No hidden fees.

What our Mixed Use Commercial Property Management Services include?

WWPC handles all obligations and daily tasks involved in renting and maintaining a commercial property.

We offer advice on updates and improvements needed to comply with electrical safety certificates, plumbing upkeep, parking (if applicable), fire safety regulations, and other legislation and government property regulations. We also remain in-touch and informed on who your tenants are, and what their specific needs are. This allows us to perform services that exceed you and your tenants’ expectations.

In other words, we handle a multitude of tasks for you including lease negotiations, lease extensions, lease drafting, tenancy screening, emergency call outs, service charge budgeting and collection, and client accounting.

Additionally, WWPC gets your property rented out within 7 days.

Why hire WWPC?

Our experience gives us an edge over others. We understand the complexity of mixed use developments, which are becoming extremely popular throughout Dorset. It can be all-consuming to a landlord or investor, without WWPC on his/her side.

We are a comprehensive team with a keen eye to oversee the operations of your property, while keeping costs low. For instance, in the common areas, we understand the priority in maintaining an immaculate and superior common area complimenting the property’s aesthetics, location, tenants and landlords’ needs and vision. So we do exactly that while remaining within budget so you obtain a profitable return on investment (ROI).

How can WWPC help you?

Commercial property ownership is a relationship between the landlord, tenant, and us, the management team. We ae the active link between the two parties. So we act on your behalf as the tenant liaison. Frequently, we check-in with tenants and you to ensure everyone is happy. This approach also grants us the opportunity to stay ahead of any problems that may arise. It keeps us constantly ready to tackle the next issue that may arise, whether that is now or in the future.

Also, we focus on improving your investment value by securing rental flow and generating steady capital improvements so you don’t have to.

WWPC gives you the free mental space, time and money to concentrate on your next commercial property investment.

What Mixed Use Commercial Properties do we manage?

We specialise in industrial units and estates, offices and office parks, high street shops and shopping centres, retail parks and parades, mixed portfolios and single buildings.

WWPC builds instant credibility with potential tenants

Potential tenants, especially in commercial buildings, like knowing WWPC are available to help with issues. It gives an instant boost of confidence to tenants prior to signing any lease agreement. It emits an heir of professionalism and sends a positive message regarding expectations, service standards, and communications. It sets a distinguished standard versus the expectations of dealing with an inexperienced landlord or investor. Our commercial property management company tells your tenants that we are here to keep things running smoothly, without hiccups. We are here to help you. To find out more, contact WWPC today!.