Holiday home management

Managing your own holiday home is not always feasible. You may be travelling abroad with the family, looking at other investment opportunities, and not up to date on the latest rules on managing and letting a holiday home. There are legal Health and Safety obligations you must understand and comply with. Otherwise, you are at risk of being sued. Not to mention, without the knowledge of the holiday home pricing in the area, how do you know what to price yours to ensure a profit? There are many factors to running a holiday home business and at WWPC, we understand this better than anyone!

Who are WWPC?

We are a team of property management experts with career beginnings rooted in the hotel industry and hotel industry management.

We’d like to take this time to share with you how hiring us provides security to your investment, time, property, and your holiday renters.

How does our holiday home management services work?

When you choose us for your holiday home management, we examine the value of the property, first. We research its potential as a holiday and analyse home how much money it can make you. Then we take into consideration how much you could make during the busy periods, such as summer holidays, bank holiday weekends, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. After that, we look at the area. Once we have all of this data, we configure the best competitive, profitable rental price for you.

Next, we advise on what type of furnishings are allowed inside the property (i.e. no fire hazards), how to comply with Health and Safety rules (i.e. working fire alarms in each room, installing internal fire doors), and what holiday insurance policy is necessary for your specific property. We read the fine print making sure there are no pitfalls with your policy. We want to check it covers and protects you and your property throughout someone’s stay.

That is just the tip of the iceberg!

We also work with, manage payments, and notify you, the owner, as and when required. We also offer additional services catered to your needs. This ranges from hiring cleaning crews, landscaping, handling check-ins and more. We are a comprehensive holiday home management team.

We handle all of this at the starting cost of 20% of your holiday rental income.

Why choose WWPC as your holiday home management company?

By choosing us, you are choosing an exceptional quality of service that we supply to you, your property, and holiday goers.

Our signature VIP treatment is seen from the moment we meet and carries throughout our relationship with you and your renters. That translates into repeat rentals for you.

It gives your guests a seamless and exceptional experience, which they want to continue to feel again and again so, naturally, they rebook. That is how you achieve desired profit margins. With us on your side, that is what you’re getting.

What are the advantages to hiring a holiday home management company?

Running your own holiday home business puts your own life on hold. You are bound to many responsibilities and tasks. There are the daily maintenance calls, laundry and cleaning needed to be completed before the next guest arrives, bookings, payments, taking action whenever needed to ensure your property is compliant, staying informed about the latest regulations, and understanding and anticipating your holiday goers needs before they even arrive.

Our company, director Wayne Walker used to manage and work in the hotel industry.

Our company director understands what it takes to keep holiday renters happy while delivering a professional service. With his hospitality knowledge and property expertise, you are getting the perfect powerful combo you need to turn your holiday home into a successful and profitable business. So whether you are new to the holiday rental market or a seasoned investor, let’s talk about how we can help you make money. Contact WWPC today!