Commercial Property management

Commercial property landlords face many challenges, especially in today’s constantly changing market.

Landlords need to find, screen, manage, and retain tenants. They also need to do so while verifying the exceptional condition of the building, which includes checking and meeting the latest safety regulations, modifications, and current legislation. Landlords also need to have reputable, credible, and fully insured contractors ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for repairs and maintenance and rent collection. If that was not enough, these necessary responsibilities must be facilitated at a cost-effective price.

That is a lot for a landlord to manage on his/her own.

That is why we developed a team of qualified, experienced, and proactive commercial property management specialists to ensure your business runs smoothly, stress-free, and at a significant savings to your money, and professional time.

WWPC are a Bournemouth commercial property management company that understands, anticipates, and plans for all possibilities a landlord needs. We execute our detailed service at a fixed price of 6% (VAT-inclusive) rental income charge.

No additional costs included. No hidden fees.

What does our Commercial Property Management Services include?

We inspect the property, conduct tenant credit checks, handle check-outs, manage deposit protection, supervise maintenance and repairs, collect rent, act on behalf of your best interest as a tenant liaison, and provide a 24 hour emergency call out for your commercial property.

We always have someone on hand to answer the phone, including 24 hour emergency contact.

Our transparent approach and integrity in the property market are why landlords choose us over other commercial property management companies.

What commercial properties does WWPC manage?

We manage portfolios and individual properties whether they are an institutional, charitable, public, commercial or private client. We specialise in industrial units, estates, offices, office parks, high street shops, retail parks, and mixed portfolios.

Why choose WWPC for your Commercial Property Management Needs?

Our signature method is at the heart of all we do.

As a landlord, you are looking for a commercial property management company that is attentive, while delivering effective and profitable services. We have developed a signature system that exceeds these specifications. Our management surveyors are regularly on-site to provide foreseeable services for tenants.

We also review matters of lease renewal, rent, and lease restructuring to safeguard and enrich our clients’ interests.

We deliver equivalent solutions to everyone, regardless of property worth.

One of the biggest differences between us and competitors, besides our fixed 6% of rental income charge, we treat every customer identical, like a VIP. It does not matter if your property is worth £50,000 or £70 million. Our attitude, tactics, response time, reporting, management skills, and communications are consistent across the board. To find out more, contact us today!