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About WWPC Ltd


WWPC Ltd work in partnership with a company who are investing in worldwide property with potential for itself and for its partners. The company has been built over the past five years so that it can focus on a segment of the residential market in the US – complexes for families – that offers an exceptional opportunity for both regular rental income of 8-12% yearly yield and substantial capital gain.

WWPC Ltd believe in the assets that we work with and partnership with a company who is the first to invest at least 5% of the capital of every property themselves before offering investment partners to join them. WWPC Ltd only ask for investment partners once they have agreed their investment in principle with the lending bank, and the property management company is in place.


When WWPC Ltd do ask for investment partners, their business model puts your profit first, so that you enjoy benefits of steady rental income paid every quarter, and the potential uplift offered by selling the property in the future (usually after 3-5 years).

WWPC Ltd are a registered company in the UK, VAT registry number 190 1940 15.

*These figures based on past performance

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WWPC investment services

Areas of Activity and Investment Types

WWPC Ltd work in partnership with a company whose properties are in the Midwest of the US with emphasis on areas that have strong demographical statistics and are known to the largest investment entities in the US as the most solid investment areas, with a high expectation for property value to go up.

After the economic crisis of 2008 hit in the US, with our growth, we worked to expand into the US, as we recognized an opportunity. We focused on the Jersey area and the East Coast and benefited from rising prices, high capital gains, and high Yields.

Today our partner’s properties are located mainly in the Midwest of the US in areas such as: Illinois, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama as well as in New Jersey. These areas are marked by the US largest investment entities as the hottest areas for investments and have positive financial aspects: Diverse and growing employment opportunities, decline in unemployment percentages, rise in occupancy of rental apartments and rising property values.

Our goal is to create an immediate annual return of over 8%-12% of the invested capital after expenses in a solid investment and create capital gains from property improvement.

WWPC Ltd’s partner focuses on joint acquisition of multifamily apartment complexes for rental. Properties are bought with high occupancy to start with, which allows investors to enjoy significant returns from day one, all while minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

Acquisition Process

All properties are checked and assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Area demographic statistics
  • Maintenance condition of the property
  • Bank funding conditions
  • Production of 8%-12% return on invested funds

If the property meets the criteria, an option to buy is signed with the seller.

Throughout the DD period, the company that we work with joins partners with the investment, while also obtaining funding from a top American bank. During this time the following evaluations are conducted: maintenance, environment, occupancy, financial – all evaluated by external expert professionals.

The property is closed on only after external expert checks and thorough assessments by the bank have been completed.

Investors then transfer the funds to a solicitor who serves as the investor trustee. Funds are transferred from the Title/Escrow Company to the seller. The Title/Escrow Company conducts a legal evaluation of the apartments and transfers ownership to the group of investors. At the end of the process investors receive closing documents.

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