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Land Investments

Vacant land is capable of producing some serious cash flow and it's one of the best investments in the world because of its hands-off nature, please click here for a full list of all the current plots available.

Off-Plan Property Developments

The concept is to buy a property off-plan at current prices and when the development is completed a year or so later, the capital appreciation will have made it worth much more.

US Investment Opportunities

15%-20% average yearly ROI*! — Invest from £36,000 in US family complexes with a company that puts investors' profits first. Specialising in Multifamily complexes that offer an exceptional opportunity for both regular rental income and capital gain.

Australian Development Opportunities

16% Return! — Australian migration solutions, funding or co-funding development projects, through to joint venture partnerships with developments and real estate portfolios.

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WWPC investment services

Our investment history

WWPC formed as a result of poorly ran agencies, whose focus is on personal financial gain and not in the best interests of investors. We were approached by a group of investors after they had bad experiences with various estate and management agencies. Since then we have adapted to the needs of investors within the industry. We began running a genuinely open and honest service. To this day this is how we chose operate, and believe it is core to our business.

WWPC have a high moral standing, which is why investors continue to work with us and we continue to grow as a company.

Our investment services

We work with many clients, regardless of the size, location or the nature of the investment. This includes residential, commercial, UK and overseas. We are a humble, progressive group of individuals, whose main interests lie with conducting high quality, prosperous business.

We actively look for high ROI investments, and have access to a variety of off market properties from developers. We offer in house advice on how to manage your money within the property industry, and where best to spend it.

Off market properties

Exclusive access to off market properties

Competitive fees

We offer some of the fairest rates in the industry

Fast exchange and completion

Time is money, we seek out quick sales

Formidable legal team

Legal support from a highly respected firm

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