Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

Investment Criteria and Options

The Cyprus Golden Visa Programme or EU Citizenship through Investment Scheme allows fast track entry into the European Union.

Cyprus Permanent Residency

The minimum investment amount is €300,000 for a "first time" residential property purchase. Power of attorney can be arranged to facilitate the purchase if you are unable to be present. This will allow you to live, work or study in Cyprus and grants visa free travel to other EU countries.

Residential Real Estate

  • The minimum investment amount is €2,000,000 in residential real estate.

  • The investment can be a single property or a combined property portfolio.

  • If multiple properties are purchased the permanent residence must have a value of at least €500,000. The remaining €1,500,000 must be invested into residential real estate for a minimum of three years.

  • In both cases the properties may be sold after a period of three years, however, the investor must always maintain or purchase a property with a value of at least €500,000.


  • Fast Track — Cyprus EU Citizenship can be granted within two to three months.

  • No Requirement to Reside — Cyprus does require you to be present or to reside in Cyprus before or after the approval of your citizenship application.

  • Visa Free Travel — Citizenship grants the freedom of movement to over 160 countries including the USA, Canada and Europe.

  • Dual Citizenship — There are no restrictions on dual citizenship so it is possible to retain your previous nationality.

  • Family — All investment options allow for dependents. Parents can also be included if they make an additional purchase with a minimum value of at least €500,000.

  • Valid For Life — Can be passed on to future generations by descent.

  • Eligibility — All nationalities are eligible for the programme.



    》 塞浦路斯投资2百万欧元房产入籍欧盟成员国

    》 目前世界范围内最具性价比的公民计划,最快三个月申请获批塞浦路斯国籍

    》 投资房产获得欧盟成员国塞浦路斯公民身份

    》 公民享有在欧盟成员国及瑞士定居、就业及旅行的自由

    》 作为欧盟成员国,塞浦路斯高度尊重人权及个人自由

    》 提交申请后三个月即可获得塞浦路斯护照

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