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If you have commercial properties for sale in Bournemouth, there are many aspects to consider before jumping right in.

You need recent knowledge regarding Bournemouth property values and locations to price it at an appealing, profitable and fair price. You need experience in what commercial property buyers are looking for, and a deep understanding of the legislation surrounding commercial property sales. You also need to know how to prepare your property to be listed for sale in Bournemouth which involves inspections, maintenance, repairs, and decorating. It is about presenting the property in its best light before you even start marketing it. All of the above is only a sample of what is required for a successful and lucrative sale. Hiring WWPC to help you with your commercial property for sale means we manage all of these requirements and more, under our Bournemouth commercial property management services.

Let’s first talk about the Dorset area and why it is an appealing option to buyers and sellers of commercial properties.

In March 2021, the Chancellor announced that the government is giving Bournemouth £21.7m for regeneration.

The government is giving £21.7m to Bournemouth for regeneration. This reinforces the mass appeal and interest amongst buyers and sellers of Bournemouth commercial properties and the surrounding area.

Commercial properties for sale in Dorset appeal to a wide array of buyers and sellers!

Everything from retail, beauty, warehouse, office, gym, hospitality, food and beverage, airline-related, and mixed use properties are desired in Dorset. It is a hotspot for well-known businesses, including LUSH, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Liverpool Victoria (LV), Sunseeker International, and Bournemouth International Airport.

Where is Bournemouth located?

Bournemouth is located on the south coast of England in the county of Dorset with Poole to the west and Christchurch to the east. Bournemouth is known for its 7 miles of pristine beaches, with bragging rights for award-winning Blue Flag beaches. Bournemouth is also known for its excellent schools and universities, golf courses, hotels and resorts, restaurants, and booming nightlife. But let’s talk about the direct impact commercial industries have on the local economy and what it means for the commercial property market.

Bournemouth Financial Sector has a leading presence and impact on the need for commercial properties

According to BCP Council, in 2009 the “Financial Services sector in Bournemouth was worth £1,031.8 million in Gross Value Added.” That means the employees of JP Morgan, Liverpool Victoria, and Barclays have a need for offices, mixed use commercial properties, and flexible working spaces.

Bournemouth’s economy relies on service and tourism industries

The service and tourism industries are the primary forces behind Bournemouth’s economy.

According to BCP Council, “in 2011, domestic and overseas visitors made more than 5.6 million trips to Bournemouth and spent over £460 million.” So the need for restaurants, retail, and hospitality properties are a must for the area.

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