Why choose WWPC to manage your properties?

Our landlords and investors appreciate our 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year property management services for their residential, commercial, holiday let and mixed property buildings.

We provide you, as a landlord and investor peace of mind by thoroughly vetting tenants, scheduling regular inspections and maintenance services, delivering excellent ongoing communications, handling move-outs, collecting payments, delivering client reports, planning ahead by , finding new tenants within 7 days of move-out at no additional cost , and checking the latest legislation and regulations to ensure your property is up to code.

What separates WWPC from other Bournemouth commercial property management companies?

Over ten years ago, Wayne Walker, our company Director, remembers interacting with local property management companies and thinking, “There must be a better way. A way to deliver better services to all parties involved, regardless of the value of their property. A way to make everyone feel like a VIP when they come to us while STILL planning ahead for issues that may come up for each one of our clients. A way to keep costs competitive and within budget.”

After comprehensive research, meeting with landlords and investors, sharing his business ethos with others, Wayne established WWPC and we’ve been going ever since.

Why hire WWPC for your commercial property management needs?

We pride ourselves with our local Bournemouth knowledgeable, industry experience, and customer service driven team. But what does that really mean in tangible terms?

Since we deal with a wide range of properties, our team members have the natural ability to adapt and act upon your behalf, regardless of your property size, value or purpose (i.e. holiday let or long-term commercial office space).

We also listen and express empathy while listening and attending to landlords and tenants. We make sure all parties’ are heard, which means we can take action in a responsible, efficient and timely manner. We keep everyone informed throughout the process too. Doing so, gives all parties involved a level of confidence that does not exist without taking this approach. Otherwise, you are left wondering what is happening and being forced to micromanage. This can be a spiral downfall leaving tenants unwilling to renew at the end of their lease agreements.

We also follow a strict, high level of industry practices we abide by and we do not take that lightly. With each interaction, our goal is to exceed the industry standard and do so in a stress-free, straightforward, and transparent manner.

WWPC knows the Bournemouth property industry.

We know what is in the local market in comparison to your property. So we are available to advise on competitive and profitable pricing.

WWPC does it all!

Don't believe us, try us today!

WWPC are a property management company that supplies you with everything you need, regardless of your rental property type, ensuring you save time and money. That is always our goal. It is the key to our continued success. Contact us today!