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Renting resources - WWPC

Renting resources

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Here are the resources you need to consider when renting a property

1. Tenancy agreement

This is the contract between you and your new landlord. It contains the rules and regulations specific to that property, such as the start date and duration of the contract. This needs to be signed by all the relevant parties in order to begin your tenancy.

2. IDs and work references

In order to prove who you are and where you work, WWPC require proof of identity, visa (if applicable) and a work place reference.

3. The deposit

A deposit will be posted to the Safety Deposit Scheme as a legal requirement, the amount is at the discretion of the landlord. This is often equivalent to 1 months rent.

4. Inventories

WWPC will carry out an inventory of all appliances, furniture and fittings, which are documented in a full report, given to you when you first move in.

5. Rent

this is payable monthly, quarterly or in full depending on the circumstances.