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Renting checklist - WWPC

Renting checklist

A checklist of things when renting a property

1. Inventories

A report containing photos of the contents of the property. This is important if there is a dispute over the condition of the property.

2. Check for dampness

This can cause serious damage to a property, it is always worth checking for dampness.

3. Gas, electric and water

Check the method of payment used for gas and electric, and check the water pressure.

4. Heating

It is worth checking the system. Central heating is the most cost effective.

5. Repairs

It is the obligation of the landlord to pay for maintenance. Make sure you point problems out early.

6. Drains and gutters

It is important to keep your gutter clear. If not, a build up of plant matter may form, trapping water and causing internal and external damage.